Promaster EX

With its unique palette of single-pigmented tones, Promaster EX allows the colorist to be in control and to customize any shade a customer could desire.  Deliver natural, long-lasting shades that are sure to please a wide range of hair types with Promaster EX!



Promaster EX is our alkaline, permanent line that serves as a perfect lift & deposit hair color.  The N (natural) and B (brown) lines are extremely flexible base colors that can be mixed with desired tones to produce excellent grey coverage as well. 



The Pigment series is a demi-permanent line that is specifically designed for previously colored hair.  Refresh & re-tone any hues and saturation levels created with EX, as the two lines are directly linked to easily match any re-growth.


Light Level

This high-lift series comes in 16 beautifully balanced hues, plus 2 colorless creams that can provide lift without bleach.  LT/H (light high) and LT/SH (light super high) can be mixed with powder bleach to help control lift and damage.


Promaster G Creyell

Creyell Color Chart.jpg

Rejuvenate Your Hair

Thanks to our latest breakthroughs in hair color technology, Creyell utilizes a special formula that will provide both optimum gray coverage while supplying the hair with essential lipids. Creyell is the ideal color for those battling dry, brittle hair and those who have lost volume and shine over the years.


Promaster Bokashi for Men

Bokashi is the perfect solution for your gray blending needs. Needing only as little as 3 minutes to process, Bokashi allows for a quick and efficient hair coloring experience for male clients that are on the go. As an ammonia & PPD free product, it is very gentle on the hair and does not cause any damage.


Natural Gray

Natural looks great on everyone, providing a seamless gray-blending experience that is sure to keep your clients coming back. Use Natural Gray for the classic salt-and-pepper finish.


Blue Gray

Blue Gray is recommended for those who have very dark hair naturally, which causes a drastic contrast with their gray hair. The slight blue tinge leaves provides a more fashion-forward finish.


Soft Gray

Soft Gray is recommended for those who have lighter hair naturally, which can cause some yellow to show. The light, violet base will clean up the brassiness and provide a clean blend.

Bokashi Chart.jpg

3210 Ultra Hard Wax

An organic product made from the candelilla plant, our 3210 Ultra Hard Wax provides an excellent hold while protecting the hair from humidity, heat, and UV rays. Our award-winning, ergonomic 55g retail size is complemented by a 200g refill size pouch, making it an environmentally friendly option as well.


Hair Manicure

Glamage Color Chart (US ver).jpg

An acid-based semi-permanent color

Popularized in Japan, hair manicure is a color that provides an alternative to permanent coloring services. Extremely gentle, it can be used to refresh color or blend gray for anyone, including clients that are highly sensitive or allergic to other hair color. Because it coats the hair rather than penetrate it, its a great option to create vibrant color while preserving damage-free hair.

Promaster Powder Bleach


The perfect lifting agent

Whether you have fashion conscious clients who love to experiment with the latest blonde trends or are simply looking for a new powder bleach to lift dark, coarse hair, Promaster Powder Bleach is a must-have for all salons. Our bleach utilizes a special formula including arginine and cationic cellulose, two naturally derived ingredients that help reduce surface and cortex damage while lifting. You’ll be shocked at how much lift you get with only 20 volume developer!


Promaster Color Care

This hair care series was specifically developed to improve hair health while maintaining professional salon color. There are 5 different lines to meet all hair needs, as well as leave-in treatments for at-home use and a pre-treatment and after-treatment for in-salon use. All lines are color protecting, scalp nourishing, and work against UV damage.


Stylish - for silkier, smoother hair

Includes macadamia nut oil to make the hair more shiny and smooths cuticles to provide hair with a softer, lighter texture. Ideal for those with finer hair.

Rich - for more moisturized, manageable hair

This formula includes avocado oil to increase shine and suppress dry and unmanageable hair by replenishing lipids that are lost due to damage and aging. Perfect for those with thicker, coarser hair that requires higher levels of moisture.



Sweetia - for softer, more moisturized hair

Utilizes a special soft-based polymer and heat damage care oil that makes heat-damaged, coarse hair soft again from root to end. It helps create a protecting layer over the hair’s surface for smooth texture. Highly recommended for those who blow dry or heat style regularly.

Cool - for fresh hair that is easy to style

This line has a special oil-cleansing technology that removes grime, product, sweat, and odors to leave a clear, fresh scalp. It gently, yet powerfully lifts and removes all unwanted contaminants from the scalp. The Cool line does contain menthol, providing a nice “breath mint” for the hair and scalp.



Natury - for a well-maintained scalp

Leads to healthy, beautiful hair by providing an additional level of protection for the scalp with paeoniae radix extract. Great for reducing dandruff and itchiness while still providing a mild but thorough cleanse. Ideal for those with sensitive or irritable skin.

Leave-In Treatments

There are two types of the Promaster Color Care Leave-In Treatments. The shiny (oil) type wraps the surface of the hair shaft to protect from dryness and frizz, while the soft (cream) type uses active amino acids to keep locks soft and manageable.



Pre-Treatment & After-Treatment

In the pre-treatment, keratin and collagen PPT work effectively inside the hair structure to support even color results and help prevent fading.

In the after-treatment, or buffer, residual alkali and radicals are removed to reduce damage caused by coloring, which in turn improves shine and smoothness while helping the color last as long as possible.