Why Hoyu?


Stability, Consistency, and Tradition

Being a Japanese company, much of our extensive history has been dedicated to the art of lifting, coloring, and maintaining dark, coarse hair.  Hoyu has mastered this art, in large part due to necessity (there aren't very many natural blondes in Japan!), but also because it would ensure stability and allow the company to build a permanent place for itself as a hair coloring manufacturer.  To our founder, nothing was more important than developing a strong foundation on which a future could be built.

With that said, however, we believe it is imperative to take on new challenges, which is why Hoyu has entered the U.S. market.  With its ethnic diversity and sheer market size, the American market creates a unique, enticing challenge for a hair color manufacturer like ourselves.  We firmly believe that our products can not only meet, but exceed all expectations of the American salon industry. 

Hoyu is able to take on new challenges because of the company's remarkable stability over the past century.  This is the direct result of having established a corporate culture that puts an emphasis on sustainable growth with the consumer in mind.  We hope that you will join us in our effort to build on our tradition as Hoyu Professional embarks on this new chapter!